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Order Following
Please submit your order / contract number for reference for Royal Mould processing department. We will send you the progressing report or photos within 2 working days. Thanks for your support of Royal Mould

Royal Mould offer our customer service of making prototype design and prototype development. Normally, a simple prototype developing takes 7 working days. It will help our customer that is in new product development, and save cost for them in new projects. For more information, please contact our sales dept. by tel. or email. Thanks for your support of Royal Mould

Product Design & New Idea Development
Royal Mould has 10 product design engineers, who are specialized in product design and design improvement. It helps hundreds of our customers in new product development.

Vedio from Royal Mould Project Dept
We stocked all your moulds running videos for 1years. We can send you video for inspection of mould running or study mould operation before mould shipment. It saved your time and helps you in staff training.

Spare Parts
Royal Mould offer our customer after-sale service of prompt delivery of spare parts. We protect all the drawings for spare parts for customer use, and offer quantity of spare parts on quotation. For standard spare parts, you can refer to our list and also can purchase in your market.

Technical Support
Royal Mould offer engineering & technical training for our customers who are developing new plants.

Part Mold-flow Analysis
Royal Mould offer our customer with mold-flow analysis, so as to select the most idea design and avoid any further problems of mould production.

We offer complete drawings for mould production and installation:
Moulds Assembling,
Tooling Dimension,
Water Cooling System,
Electrode Drawing
Hydraulic System

Hot Runner System

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